Business Office
  • Tuition, Fees, Room, Board and other charges are invoiced through the Business Office
  • Books or supplies may be purchased at the Eureka College Bookstore and must be paid for at the time of purchase.
  • Student Account Statements/bills are available to view online through the student’s Eureka College SonisWeb account/financials.
  • For more information concerning student accounts we invite you to look through this powerpoint, saved as a PDF, prepared for families to better understand student accounts: 

If a student’s account becomes delinquent because payments are not made according to the College due dates listed below, the College has the right to collect the balance due including, but not limited to turning the student’s account over to a collection agency; and, taking legal action to collect the balance due. Additionally, the College may prohibit the student from scheduling classes or housing for the following semester; withdraw the student from courses for the following semester; and withhold the student’s diploma until the balance is paid.

Payment Methods:
  • Online: via the Eureka College student’s SonisWeb account/financials.
  • In person: Business Office located in Burrus Dickinson Hall (M–F 8am–4pm)
  • By mail: Eureka College Business Office, 300 East College Avenue, Eureka, IL 61530
  • By phone: Business Office at 309-467-6305 with a credit or debit card

Make a Payment to My Student Account


Payment Options and Due Dates:
  • Pay in FULL: Payments made to Eureka College
    Semester 1 (fall) due date: August 15th
    Semester 2 (spring) due date: January 15th
    Semester 3 (summer) due date:  June 15th
  • TWO payment plan: Payments made to Eureka College
    Semester 1 (fall) due dates: ½ balance due August 15th and remaining ½ due October 1st
    Semester 2 (spring) due dates: ½ balance due January 15th and remaining ½ due March 1st
  • Monthly Payments: Payments made to Eureka College through the Business Office or SONIS.

    Eureka College offers a monthly payment plan for students who have either decided to pay for their education without the assistance of Financial Aid, or for those students whose education cost exceeds the amount in which Financial Aid can pay.

    This plan will be binding, and a hold can be applied to student accounts that fall delinquent if payments are missed. Payment options will consist of 4 month terms, 5 month terms, or 12 month terms if you would like to combine Spring and Fall together.

    Once you are registered for the upcoming academic year and have met with Financial Aid, please make an appointment with the Student Account Coordinator to set up your new payment plan agreement if you will have a balance due. While we do not offer automatic withdrawal options, you can work with your personal bank to set up automatic payments, as most banks should offer some sort of auto bill/pay procedure.

     If students/families do not enroll in the monthly plan, Eureka College will automatically expect the TWO Payment option was chosen.
Finance Charges
  • Finance Charges may be assessed to all accounts greater than 30 days outstanding, except for Students and Parents participating in the monthly payment plan.
  • The rate is 12% annually.
  • $100 late fee assessed at 7 days past due.
  • Interest will continue until the balance is paid in full.

A refund is the amount of money that the College will credit to a student account and/or to a financial aid program account when the student leaves school before completing a period of enrollment. Refunds may or may not result in a student account credit that would lead to an eventual disbursement of funds to a student. Students who withdraw from the College are subject to adjustments in their financial aid. Students are cautioned that withdrawal from the college may result in a larger balance due from the student and that such balance will be due and payable within 30 days of withdrawal.

Once a student has withdrawn from the College, student loans, scholarships, and grants will first be reviewed and attributed to the appropriate academic semester. The student’s account will be adjusted accordingly. Refunds of direct charges will be computed and credited by the College Business Office within 30 days of notification of withdrawal. No separate refund request is necessary. All refunds will be by check and mailed to the address on record.

Withdrawal Refund Policy of Institutional Charges

When a student withdraws from all coursework during a semester, it is the College’s responsibility to determine the student’s withdrawal date for the purposes of calculating any proration and refund of institutional charges billed by the college. Withdrawal date is based upon the last day of class attendance. Once the withdrawal date has been determined, the College will use the same formula used to calculate the Return of Title IV (Federal) Financial Assistance when calculating the percentage of institutional charges incurred by a student.


Any student who withdraws from the College prior to the deadline for dropping courses (the 10th class day of the semester) in any semester is not considered to have been enrolled for that semester and is therefore entitled to a 100% refund of tuition and fees along with the return of all the student’s financial aid. *Room and meal charges for the semester will be based on the actual period of residency on campus.


Any student who remains enrolled beyond the last day to drop a course (the 10th class day of semester), but withdraws prior to completing 60% of the semester is entitled to a partial refund of that semester’s direct costs (for tuition, course fees, room, and board). Indirect costs such as fines, athletic insurance, college insurance, activity and technology fees, book charges, etc. will not be refunded and will be incurred at 100%. If a student remains on campus beyond their withdraw date, the student will be assessed room and meal costs based on actual period of residency on campus and not the withdraw date of courses.


Any student who withdraws from all coursework after 60% of the semester has passed, is no longer entitled to any refund or cancellation of charges billed by the College.


Official Withdrawal:

For a student to be considered officially withdrawn, the student must contact the Registrar’s Office and process an ‘Exit Ticket.’ All indicated signatures on the form must be obtained by the student. When the form has been completed, the student must return it to the Registrar’s Office. The process is completed with the Registrar’s signature. Withdrawal date is based upon the last day of class attendance. Failure to complete these procedures will result in grades of “F” for all courses not completed and may result in the forfeiture of any refund of fees otherwise due.

Unofficial Withdrawal:

An unofficial withdrawal is one in which the student fails to follow the “Exit Ticket” process. A student is considered unofficially withdrawn if he or she stops attending classes and does not provide official notification to the College, and thus receives grades of “F” for all courses.  In this case, the Registrar will work with the instructors to determine the last day of class attendance or other academic activity to determine the withdrawal date.


If Student Withdraws: Percentage of
Direct Charges Incurred by Any Student
Percentage of
Direct Charges Refunded/Reversed
Off of Student Account
A. By the last day to drop a course (the 10th day of semester)
*Room and meal charges percentage based on actual period of residency on campus.
0% 100%


B. After 60% of the semester has passed

100% 0%


C. In the period of time between A
and B outlined above
*Room and meal charges percentage based on actual period of residency on campus

% equal to the   amount of the semester which
has passed
% equal to the amount of the semester remaining



If students withdraws/exits
when 30% of the semester
has passed
30% 70%
If student withdraws/exits
when 45% of the semester
has passed
45% 55%



Special Circumstances

If the College determines that a student did not provide official notification because of illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or other such circumstances beyond the student’s control, the College may determine a withdrawal date related to that circumstance.


Enrollment Deposits

A deposit is required of all new students accepting admission. This deposit it used as payment towards first semester charges and is non-refundable.


Housing Deposits

The housing deposit is refunded at graduation or withdrawal from the College, provided there is not an outstanding account balance.


Summer Semester Refund Policy

Due to the short period of summer courses, once a summer course has commenced students are responsible for 100% of the tuition charges.  There will be no refunds of tuition or fees.


Dispute of Charges

Any dispute of College charges is to be submitted in writing to the Eureka College Business Office prior to the due date of the bill. Please note, the student remains obligated to pay the items on the bill not in dispute, but does not have to pay any amount in dispute during the time the College is resolving the matter. If a dispute is not filed by the due date, the bill is final and the student is obligated to pay the entire amount.


Appeal Process

An appeal process exists for students or parents who believe that individual circumstances warrant exception from published College charges and refund policies. Persons wishing to appeal for special consideration should address such an appeal in writing to the Eureka College Business Office.


All students (part-time or full-time) are required to show proof that they are covered under a basic health insurance plan by completing the required online steps at

If a student is not covered under a health plan, the student will be required to purchase the College plan (underwritten by UnitedHealthCare). To review the plan and the annual premium rate, visit The premium for the plan will be added to the student’s bill and will be required to be paid according to the billing due dates. Once billed, the charge is irrevocable, per insurance-college agreement. Insurance rates are subject to change.


The NCAA requires students participating in inter-collegiate athletics to be covered by the college athletic insurance program. The Athletic Insurance Fee will show on the student’s account. If a student is involved in more than one athletic program, only the highest applicable Athletic Insurance Fee will be posted to the student’s account. Insurance rates are subject to change.


Short-term student loans are provided to students in emergency situations, they are required to be repaid within two months or by the end of the current semester, whichever comes first. There is an application process and a $1 processing charge.